Welcome to Goodyear Gold Buyers

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Come to us last.

Flatware, hollowware, serving pieces, coffee and tea sets, trays, bowls, candlesticks, souvenir spoons

If you're not wearing or using it, and the kids don't want it, sell it to us for money on the spot. You'll be shocked at how much money you will receive at today's current prices. We won't mislead you or make false promises.    

Goodyear Gold Buyers is not a pawn shop.  Do not feel embarrassed about bringing your unwanted, broken, or unused jewelry to us.  We treat you and your valuables with respect in a discreet and professional manner.  Your business is private and we approach it that way.

What the Other Guys do

  • Take out costly full page ads in the newspapers promising you the moon
  • Make inflated false promises like "Guaranteed, highest prices paid!"
  • Ask you to send your gold in to be "evaluated" without providing current prices
  • Have jewelry parties that pay your hostess a portion of your profit
  • Fly in and out of town and set-up at a local hotel and make low offers

What We Do

  • Our low overhead  and advertising budget allows us to offer you the most for your precious items.
  • The only promise we make is: We will pay you the highest possible price based on the daily metal markets.
  • You are never out of control of your belongings.  You will meet with our professional and courteous buyer with more than 40 years experience in the jewelry industry.  He will weigh your jewelry on a perfectly calibrate scale and test your items right in front of you, and give you an honest evaluation and offer.  
  • We Do Not pressure you to sell.
  • We provide detailed information and free verbal appraisals of your fine watches, gold, silver, and platinum, and antique jewelry. 

Call Don Lehman at: dlehms@aol.com  (909) 223-2609